Face Painting

Entertainers come in costume. Choices include: Clown, Witch, Gypsy, Spiderman, Superman, Mardi Gras Jester.

How Face Painting can make your party a success

Face painting is an amazing and fun art form that brings out the creativity in your guests. It hardly seems like an event without this popular form of entertainment.

It fills up some of the party time for children, who easily get bored at an event without some form of entertainment.   Often, children will line up more than once, to be painted. Many want to set the theme for their birthday party, by requesting superheros, princesses, or holiday themes to match their outfits or the party décor.

When you transform your guests face, arm, belly or other body parts, you are actually transforming their emotions and creating a memorable experience for your participants.

Shy guests or those who don’t know the other people at your party now have something to talk about between themselves and allow their fun personalities to come out. Pictures of their creations can be shared, with their permission, so they can show their friends what a great time they had at your event!

It is a guaranteed form of entertainment that children never lose their enthusiasm for… For adults, the boho designs create a beautiful image that attracts others at the party over to your design recipient… The art sets the pace and expression for your event.

Different formats suit varying age groups. Children often like cartoon characters and Superheros. Tweenies may prefer glitter tattoos. Teens and young adults attending concerts may request boho and festival designs. Males often prefer masculine art that has a native or tattoo like quality.

Facepainting materials

We ask in advance what the theme is and how long the guests expect to wear the design. Face paints come in different formats. For pool parties or movies, a longer lasting material can be used in the facepaints so that the design stays on a few days. On the other hand, children who have to attend school the next day may want the facepaint material to be easy to wash off after the party.

If its a young child who is planning to eat and drink at the party, it is best to avoid materials on the lips, which will smear.

For weddings, our airbrush facepaints and professional makeup can last an entire day without touchups, if the bride doesn’t put their own oil-based makeup on top of it.