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Bouncy Castle for rent in Calgary area
Bouncy Castle for rent in Calgary area

Bouncy castle for rent:
We rent a great bouncy castle that is easily inflated within 5 minutes.
Normally, our staff will set up and tear down the bouncy castle at your facility.
The castle includes 400 sanitized balls.

We require the following to keep it from being damaged:
a) Nearby electrical source to run the fan. Supervision of the cord and fan are recommended.
b) Flat surface to place it
c) Clean surface – Blankets , carpets or tarps can be placed under it, if on a dirty surface or outside.
d) 3 children maximum inside this Bouncy Castle at a time. 100 lb minimum per child.
e) Supervision of castle – Kids can start getting wild and can rip the material.
f) Do not allow the balls to be thrown outside of the castle
g) Wear socks inside. No shoes, as this will damage the floors. Bare feet are not preferred, as it can spread bacteria.
h) Set up away from overhead hazards like falling objects, moving fans and powerlines.
i) No smoking or heat sources nearby
j) Once deflated, do not drag the castle over abrasive surfaces.

The bouncy castle and balls are sanitized between each use.

It is an ideal size as it will fit in ones front or back yard easily, and in a larger living room with a bare ceiling (ie- no low lying chandeliers or fans overhead).


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