Horror Themes

Our face painting artist was professionally trained by the Casualty Simulation Society to mock up wounds for Disaster Services and Emergency Response Simulations. As a first aid instructor, she knows what real wounds look like and has performed simulations for mock airplane crashes, sand blasting incidents, and overturned train wrecks.

Halloween horror makeup can include simulated wounds, scars or feature specific characters upon request. Bring in your wigs and costumes to show the artist to complete the vision you have in mind.

Zombie characters are another application of face and body painting makeup.

Send us a picture of the image you wish to portray for a quote on the time, supplies and price to create the design.

We do not recommend that you appear in this makeup in public areas outside of the context of the event…. (i.e. – when you are not in a Zombie parade or at a Halloween party) as it can startle the public. That is how realistic you will look!