Planning Events

We can help you organize your event, from set up to tear down phases. Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Showers, Festivals, Anniversaries, Stampede breakfasts, Corporate Events are just a few occasions that we can assist you in setting up.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs can be large events with a variety of age groups in attendance. The venue and theme for the luncheon or dinner will help to determine the content and timing to keep the kids entertained throughout the affair. Mazel Tov!

Birthday parties are the perfect time to invite in a facepainter or balloon twister. Consider age of children when determining whether a short cheek art is done rather than a full face painted. Under three years of age, they may not have the concentration span to sit for a few minutes to get painted. Care should be taken with young children around balloons for safety reasons. Up to 10 children per hour allows a more detailed product to be delivered to each child.

Stampede breakfasts and festivals can attract long lineups. Artists usually choose quicker designs so that parents and their children arent waiting too long to receive their service.

Showers can be a wonderful time to bellypaint the expectant mother or showcase a positive design for the guests.

Corporate events can be a good time to have our Gypsy Fortune Tellers bring in their predictive services. A quieter corner with some privacy is suggested so that each client can communicate with the artist about their personal questions. Our Fortune Tellers use a combination of Numerology, Palm Reading and Astrology to provide their best overall reading. This can take 10 or more minutes per client, depending on how detailed they want to discuss.