Consider Safety when booking your facepainter

There are lots of facepainters clammering to book a party with you…all with skills that you might desire… Great designs, fancy costumes, availability over the holidays and reasonable rates…. But have you asked the most important question, when considering your artist for your upcoming event? Safety!

Safety doesnt sound like a sexy topic, and, therefore, what does it have to do with entertainment? Well, when it comes to the success of your party, it is everything when an incident occurs. Heres some important considerations:

a) Safety of Materials:

Many facepainters buy the cheapest products so they can make the largest margin of profit from your event. Dollar store paints are typically from foreign countries which contain lead. Even some of the well known paints at some of the Hobby Suppliers have irritants and other toxic products from countries that dont have strict standards required in Canada. At Allstar Party Projects, we source high quality materials that are not carcinogenic. Effort is made to read the Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure that they are compliant with Health regulations.

b) Hygiene:

Sponges and brushes need decontamination between use. This requires the proper alcohol and cleaning procedures and appropriate soaking times. Check the artists hygiene program and observe if they use more than one set of brushes. The same sponge should not be reused on another child.

c) Washing instruction

Allstar Party Projects hands out cards with instructions on how to wash off the materials… Artists must consider that the materials could smear on the persons clothes or bedding. Parents do not want to have to apply multiple baths to remove materials. If latex or oil based products are used, they will take some effort to take off. That must be discussed with the client in advance, so they are aware that some of the longer lasting products take some effort to remove.

d) Airbrush

There is a slight danger with airbrush designs that higher pressure applications could pierce skin or irritate the sensitive skin of a young child. At Allstar Party Projects, airbrush is only used on older children and adults, after a consultation with them. In addition, the compressor has a very low psi that is designed for makeup application only, not to spray paint a building!

e) Regulations and bylaws

Alberta Health Services has strict standards for facepainters, to avoid cross contamination of biohazards. Chairs should be wiped between use, once a child gets up from their treatment. Sponges should not be reused. 5 sets of brushes are typical, so that the other brushes are soaked in a cleaner for the correct period of time before reuse. A hot and cold water source near the station is required so that the artist can wash hands between each client and clean materials.

f) Allergic or sensitive skin

The artist should ask the parents if there are any known allergies or sensitive skin before painting a child. At Allstar Party Projects, we will not paint by open breaks in skin, rashes, pimples or any wound that is apparent. We suggest to the parents that alternative areas be done on babies and small toddlers. Arms, hands and legs are popular spots where the artistry is less likely to cause a sensitivity and wont get wiped off as quickly. Remember that little children can smear paint around eyes , mouths from eating and drinking and any mucous membranes.

If a parent is hosting a party, its a smart idea to ask the guests guardians if they dont want facepainting or colored hair spray on their children. No one wants their party to turn into a litigation, either, when an angry parent calls that their child had a bad reaction to a face paint.

As you can see, Safety is a very important aspect of party planning. At Allstar Party Projects, we have your safety and entertainment at the top of the list!

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