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Consider Safety when booking your facepainter

There are lots of facepainters clammering to book a party with you…all with skills that you might desire… Great designs, fancy costumes, availability over the holidays and reasonable rates…. But have you asked the most important question, when considering your artist for your upcoming event? Safety! Safety doesnt sound like a sexy topic, and, therefore, what does it have to do with entertainment? Well, when it comes to the success of your party, it is everything when an incident occurs. Heres some important considerations: a) Safety of Materials: Many facepainters buy the cheapest products so they can make the largest margin of profit from your event. Dollar store paints are […]

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Plan Your Facepainting Party To Ensure Success

As a facepainter and a professional party planner, we like to guide the person booking a party with some general advice. Unfortunately, the following story illustrates when the client didn’t wish to follow the observations: I was asked to arrive at a large park with many acres of property to conduct a facepainting party for young children.  Upon arrival, all the parking spots were filled for miles, so vital time was taken up trying to find a spot on one way lanes… It took quite some time for a guest to find my vehicle and, consequently, haul a lot of facepainting supplies over a large span of park to the […]

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