Glitter Tattoo and Neon parties

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter, finding ideas to keep kids busy at Birthday Parties often becomes a little more challenging (I know this well, having two children with Birthdays in the middle of winter!)


Here is an idea for something a little different.. a Glitter Tattoo party! They really are a lot of fun, and don’t require a huge amount of work.

Recently I threw a  party for my own child, she claims it was the “best party ever!”. Win!

I spend my weekends at other peoples parties so when it comes to parties for my own children I want to keep it as simple as possible. 
I always enjoy spending a few days leading up to the party making decorations with the kids. For this party we made pinwheels on white paper (make sure the paper is bleached for it to really glow!) Some of the paper we sprayed with some neon paint (fabric paints we bought from the warehouse that came in little spray bottles), just to add a bit of extra colour.  We rented a special blacklight that would highlight the neon paints when the lights were turned off.

My favourite decoration was the neon dots we stuck all over the living room walls! These were label dots just bought from the local dollar shop. 
We also brought a bunch of post it notes which we stuck every where, and even made a few chains out of them. 
And from the ceiling we hung white streamers. There are so many ideas on the internet, we only needed to pick a few.

On the invitations we asked the children to make sure they came dressed in white or neon colours.
 Once they arrived they had their face or arm decorated with a Glitter Tattoo. ! A professional face painter will have all the right paints and know exactly how to make the most effective designs!

We have a special machine that cuts sheets of Glitter Tattoos.  Examples are Sports, such as basketball, soccer and baseball,   Dance such as ballerinas,  Animals such as Unicorns and Superheros like Batman Symbols.  Glue is lathered under the tattoo and glitter is sprinkled on.  Wait a minute to dry and pull off the tattoo.  The artist might add to the design with a bit of black paint to outline the symbol.  These can last a week with special care.

To be honest, after all the games… I think the kids had more fun just turning up the music and dancing in the darkness. with the neon decoration. A Disco party!

Other fun activities including creating their own neon splattered t-shirts. Just buy a bunch of white t-shirts and let them go crazy with the neon fabric paints. 
My girls being a little bit older also really enjoyed putting together their own glow stick jewellery, which they all took home after the party. K-mart had a great big box full of different pieces.. glasses… earrings… brackets… as well as plenty of regular glow sticks.

Great fun and an original concept for the tweenies and teenagers.


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