Before I can create any piece of art I need to be inspired. As an artist, finding that inspiration can be one of the biggest challenges. Sometimes we can be overflowing with ideas, other times we can feel like we have nothing. 
We can have all the skills in the world, we can have all the right equipment, but without inspiration we will struggle to create something we are happy with.


How do I find inspiration? Well… believe it or not, inspiration is everywhere! Sometimes we can get so caught up in life we look straight past it. Sometimes we need to just slow down and take a good look at the beauty that surrounds us.

You could be outdoors, looking at the colours of the sky.. the flowers in the garden or the animals walking by. 
You could be indoors looking at beautiful patterns, posters, prints and clothing.

I recently became fascinated with the beautiful patterned images often found in colouring books, below is a picture I love on a shopping bag. I tried out a few different styles, and then started adding patterns to other designs.

Often, I go to Pinterest to see what the latest designs are… Other ideas are offshoots of the newest movie characters and cartoon figures.  In the birthday sections, I look at the plates featuring superheros and childrens popular themes.

Ask the parents what themes their children prefer… I have spent many hours looking up a variety of Dinosaur facepainting ideas, Frozen and Princess designs, or Mermaids and aquatic paintings.

If you are wanting to make a booking for face painting at a Birthday Party or Small event, but are unsure how long you would like to book us for, here is a rough guide of the number of faces we can paint in an hour.

I hope that helps answer the question of which face paint to use. As long as you are using a professional quality face paint (regardless of whether this is a hobby or a business) you can’t go wrong. Grab some of your favourite colours and have fun trying them all out. You know there is no such thing a too much paint!

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